TRAIN the TRAINER Course: based upon 40 years of international experience!

                   The TRAIN the TRAINER course is a unique teaching , training and consulting concept   

  that starts from the point of view that R & I is a necessary military skill for every operational

  soldier but that most units have different goals.

  (Tank crews need a different approach in training than for exemple anti-tank helicopter crews)


In 2010,  under the guidance of the last two instructors from the Recognition

  Division from the International Special Training Centre(ISTC) in Pfullendorf, Germany, a special 

  software was developed. It is user friendly and as thus easy to work with. This software is for 


                     The goal of the TRAIN the TRAINER course is to train future instructors from every 

  kind of unit in the specialized field of teaching and training the skills of R & I.

  This will enable units to implement their own Recognition programme, adapted at their needs 

  and it will ensure they have the flexibility to conduct regular- and pre-deployment training.

                                 COURSE OBJECTIVES

      1. Provide future instructors with the ability to create, implement and 

        maintain a Recognition course / training in their unit.


    2. Familiarize future instructors with the fundamentals of the new 


    3. Teach future instructors how to create classes, reviews, tests,

        exercises and conduct practical training.

    4. Through practical exercises, develop the instructor's skills to

        understand the Recognition environment, to teach, acquire and

        work with the tools.

     5.  Provide  units with  a qualified instructor.



       1. TRAIN the TRAINER is a profound  individual and

          intense two week course.Students are given a task

          every afternoon which is discussed and de-briefed the 

          day after.

     2. Week one contains the necessary theoretical and

          practical preparations for week two. During day 1-5,

          students learn to understand the R & I environment and

          start to work with the software: create cards and data-

          sheets, classes and tests. Week two is a mixture of

          additional information, practical exercises on teaching,

          reviewing and testing.

      3. Upon arrival, students receive a large video- and

          imagery archive(170 GB). The software is installed on a

          external hard disk.

      4. The course is normally given in a civilian environment.

          Therefore, wearing  the military uniform is not 

          necessary. Accomodation can be arranged in the local

          "Gasthaus" through 


           HAUS HUBERTUS,



                                                     This course can be given in your unit!

                                                     For more information, please request a detailed PDF information booklet by e-mail .                                                  



              Knowledge is power! After all my years as a Recognition instructor I've come to the conclusion that knowledge is much more than that.Knowledge has to do with insight & vision; data,details and figures; information; competence & ability; wisdom, experience and educational development. All this ultimately leads to power and in terms of instruction in the field of Recognition it leads to the qualified instructor. Most people are not born as an instructor. It is therefore my absolute conviction that our knowledge should be shared with the upcoming generation of instructors. The elderly generation should coach the younger ones and lead them on the right track.Knowledge is to be shared with others!