This course was tailor made(2014) for DHC(Netherlands). Altough called "Middle East Air Defense Systems" it gives a pretty good idea of what sort of systems are in use all over the world.

The  audience consisted of heli pilots and board crews but is certainly just as interesting for SOF working behind enemy lines and UAV operators who should be able to recognize what they see.

Last update : July 2019


course contents :

Gun air defense systems

Missile air defense systems

Radars used by the different systems

Air defense sites

Fake Airfields

 A normal training day :

0800 - 0830: test

0830 - 0930: class

0930 - 1030: class

1030 - 1130: exercise

1130 - 1230: lunch

1230 - 1330: class

1330 - 1430: class

1430 - 1530: Obsevation exercise

1530 - 1630: day review

1630 - 1830: free time

1830 - 2330: study time

variable for every course

Two courses,back to back, in the Netherlands for a wonderful group of enthousiastic APACHE,CHINOOK & COUGAR pilots as well as MI specialists. Good spirit, a pleasure to instruct! Thank you guys, hope to see you again.

Much more difficult than it looks but very much appreciated because of the reality approach : the observation exercises with models. One hour training per day convinced everybody of the added value of these simple exercises.

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