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I have been a professional soldier for the last 37 1/2 years. I entered the Belgian army in 1975, but my career really started when I joined the Regiment Para-Commando in 1977. The Regt Para-Cdo was considered as the elite of the army and was used as a rapid reaction intervention force for the african theater of operations. I took part in 6 large operations in Africa and it is there that I learned about the value to know your opponent.

We were then in the middle of the cold war and little did we know about our Warschau Pakt enemy. Some classes were given but it was all very limited.


The International Long Range Recce Patrol School / International Special training Centre(1998 - 2012)

In Nov 1998 I joined the famous Recognition Division. With a good basic understanding of the Recognition subjects I soon discovered that instruction was incomplete without adequate training.


Training has many aspects and can come in many ways. Power Point exercises are one possibility but working with models make the students go wild. It is just one of the most realistic ways to approach the subject.


Working with models offers a lot of possibilities. Small as they are, you can work with them in a classroom or do an exercise outside. One can start in the beginning from about 10 meters and slowly go to 15-20 meters.

Observation can be done lying down(infantry), standing up(heli pilots) or from above(UAV operators).

Right now we have about 1000 models and are able to show complete units on the move. Artillery, Air defense, Infantry, Tanks, Electronic Warfare systems and so on.

We made quite some models ourselves because the specialized systems are just not on the market.(We can make them for your unit if that is requested). Working with models : there is just no limit! Here are some examples :


aerial observation:

UAV operators


normal observation


know your enemy


We do realise that most units do not have access to a large model collection to offer realistic training to their operators. So this is what we propose :


We can come to your unit and do practical training for one or two days. Just contact us!!


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