MRTC is a small group of dedicated and highly specialized Recognition and Identification

(R&I) instructors. Our goal is to revive the lost skill of vehicle recognition. We are

convinced that R&I should be a basic skill for every soldier participating in

interallied operations. Wether you are to be deployed in the Middle East, Africa or

Eastern Europe, your first step on the ground will always be to recognize and



This is why we promote instruction, training and consulting for any kind of unit!

Our training will give you a very broad basis of R&I knowledge to be used wherever you are sent.




The military skill of Recognition and Identification(R&I) of military systems serves two purposes:

1. You recognize and identify your enemy in order to destroy him.

2. You recognize and identify your allies in order to avoid "Blue on Blue" incidents.

Assymetric warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq changed the nature of armed conflicts. Due to the training on counter insurgency, the military skill of Recognition has been neglected and/or forgotten for the last sixteen years.

The recent events in the Crimea and the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine, and the preparation for NATO units in the Baltics, brings the lack of instruction for R&I back in focus.




1. Actual Equipment of the Russian Armed Forces.(1 week course)

2. Air Defense Systems of the World(1 week course)

3. Train the Trainer.(2 or 3 week course)


We can make any tailor-made course you want, given time. Contact us!!



Sad but true, in most units R&I training is restricted to some power point exercises

(if they are given at all). We can offer you the most realistic training there is. Due to

our large military vehicle model collection in scale 1/100 and 1/87 we can set up

any scenario for real time observation exercises. The models come in different

camouflage colours : desert - winter - khaki - russian district camo.


TRAINING DAYS : we come to your unit for one or two days and bring all our models !





Recognition training, for most units, seems an

impossible task. Too many people still think this is for

freaks. Nothing is impossible and our kind of training is

actually easy , very effective and not costly at all !

It only needs to be organized and planned!

We can consult you on how to do that.


But for regular instruction and training, you need

qualified instructors! We cannot train every platoon in

NATO but we can make sure that you get the instructors

you need.